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This is Venkat. I have been doing financial consulting for professionals and entrepreneurs across India. I created ChandraLife and ChandraHealth as a tribute to my father to spread awareness about various issues in insurance domain for better financial planning.

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Term Insurance is virtually created asset for your nominee

There’s a positive way to perceive “Term Insurance”. When you buy one for 85 years or 90 years of age, it’s hard for one to cross that age. So, let’s say you take a term insurance for 3 crores. Along with other assets you have earned for your family, you are also gifting the 3 crores as a gift for your parents, spouse or children. There’s more to it.

I can guide you with an excellent product which you should consider even if you already have a term insurance policy.

Guaranteed Income for 30 Years

The moment you paid your first premium for a 1 crore or 3 crore sum assured term insurance, you have immidiately created a 1 or 3 crore virtually for your nominee. But you can also enjoy a part of it during your lifetime.

Here’s how it works!

You choose to take a term insurance for 3 crores till age 85. From age 55 to 85, you will receive, guaranteed annual income of Rs.5,80,000/-

Guaranteed income for 30 years which is completely tax free under section 10 (10d) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Sum Assured – 3 Crores

Age – 55 to Age 85

Yearly Rs.5 Lakh 80 Thousand

This is guaranteed amount which is deducted from the virtually created sum assured. So, you are benefitting from the term insurance you have invested.

This is one of the best early retirement solution I have suggested to hundreds of my clients.

Irrespective of investing in high growth products like stocks and mutual funds, there are several people who still never realized the value of a pure term insurance.

I am an associate with reputed life insurance company but I try to be unbiased and try to help my clients choose the right product within their budget.

No Spam Policy

I also have a no spam policy and hence you don’t have to worry about repeated calls just because you do consulting with me.

Do you need a term insurance?

Yes and No. As long as you believe that you have huge investments and assets that will take care of your parents, spouse or children in your absence, you do not need a term insurance. Else, term insurance is one of the most important element in your financial planning.

The best part is, when you take term insurance for over 85 years, you are virtually creating an asset for your nominee. I like suggesting a product which also offers a yearly income for over 30 years from the virtually created sum assured.

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Venkatraman C

Founder, VenkatFin

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