Why I want professionals with integrity to be in Life insurance business?

This is Venkat.

Financial Planning Basics – Webinar

Join me in a webinar where you could learn some basics in financial planning like importance of health insurance, term plan, pension plan and mutual fund investments. After attending the webinar you could decide if you would like to be a financial planner and earn extra income.

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Note – I do not sell anything in this webinar but recruiting advisors for a reputed life insurance company is hard. So, to add value to people who show interest in this opportunity, I am doing this free webinar.

If you are interested in attending the webinar, please message me on the above number and let me know you would like to participate.

Watch Video – Build a successful Life Insurance Career

Since you may not have time to read the whole story, here’s the summary of this blog.

1.I want professionals with honesty and integrity to join my team in life insurance business.

2.This is not a salaried position. You can earn some extra Income as a freelancer.

3.I will never recommend being an insurance advisor full-time since these days people prefer buying online.

4.But when you help your colleagues or family members understand importance of term insurance, and if they buy through you, you are creating awareness and you could also provide them good customer service.

5.I am reaching out to professionals across India to build my Team of Life Insurance Advisors.

6.This is a short-term recruitment. So, not sure if I will accept anyone who messages me.

7.Only when educated professionals like you who work without desire for commission and really enjoy serving people with right product, the insurance industry will be benefitted.

How it started?

I have worked in the IT industry for quite a few years and eventually after my Father passed away in May 2021, I picked up my skills in insurance business. My Father always used to tell me that I have to enhance my financial literacy as he felt I did not care about saving for my future.

So, as a way of keeping up my Father’s desire, I wrote IC 38 Exam and got associated with reputed life insurance company in India as an advisor. Eventually, I resigned from them and moved to another life insurance company where I am trying to build my team now.

How is it going?

I do not like to speak about commission and that you can make lakhs in life insurance business. I focus on providing solution to my clients. I only request them to give business to me but I leave it to their preference. This is because, I believe everyone has their own choices in the purchase process.

I never repeatedly call my clients asking them for business. I do follow-up but try not to disturb them. Mostly, I just text them as a reminder. So, I have a strict “No Spam Policy”.

I may not follow this in all situations but I would like to encourage my team mates to focus on understanding the client’s need, their current financial situation and only them ask them for business.

Professionals across India trust me as I provide genuine financial consulting when it comes to health insurance, life insurance and mutual funds.

This blog is something I wrote to build my team. You have to write IRDAI Exam – IC 38 to join any Life insurance company as an advisor for which I will be giving you some basic training. Note that there’s a small fee to write IC38 Exam but you can always choose to simply refer clients to get commission.

Message me to learn how you could earn from this opportunity and how to get started.


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