Guidance to choose the best insurance policy and Pension Plan in India

I have a genuine interest in guiding people to invest in a good insurance plan that also has a savings element in it.

Pension Plan: Potential income for a lifetime

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My current focus is on guiding professionals across India to invest or save money so that they could get a lifetime monthly income. This helps you to retire early if you are young too. I also guide professionals to choose the best health insurance plan for themselves and their family members.

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There are multiple insurance companies in India, and each one of them offers a variety of insurance policies and schemes. I realized the need to create a platform through which I could provide personalized guidance to choose the right insurance products for professionals.

Personalized Guidance Insurance Policy

I have wrote about about features and benefits of LIC Insurance products.

LIC Dhan Rekha

LIC Jeevan Amar Term Insurance

Initially, I will be guiding people to choose insurance products in simple terms and also plan to provide guidance to invest in the best mutual funds available in the Indian financial market. Hopefully, I will create this platform for professionals to choose and buy the best insurance policy in India.

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