TATA AIA Fortune Guarantee Plus

TATA AIA Life Insurance Fortune Guarantee Plus

Not all of my clients wants to invest in Mutual Funds for their early retirement which is why I created ChandraPension to offer a mix of guaranteed income and mutual fund invertments to create a corpus.

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I have choosen to spread a word about TATA AIA Fortune Guarantee Plus especially because it offers guaranteed benefits along with an insurance component.

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Benefits of TATA AIA Saving’s Plan for your future

1.The returns are guaranteed.

2.This is a long term investment plan and your premium is not invested in Stock Market. Hence, your money is safe.

3.There’s an insurance coverage associated with this plan. So, professionals, NRIs and Business people who are looking for an add-on to their term-insurance plan, can choose to invest in TATA AIA Fortune Guarantee Plus.

Who should invest in TATA AIA Life Insurance Fortunue Guarantee Plus?

1.Professionals in Corporate India.

2.Government employees looking for pension.

3.Defence – Army, Air Force and Navy Professioanls.

4.NRIs looking for a secured savings for future.

5.Healthcare professionals including Doctors.

6.Anyone working in Private Sector.

About TATA AIA Life Insurance Fortune Guarantee Plus

Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Life Insurance Savings Plan

Key Features

1.Flexibility to choose Plan Option

2.Regular Income or Regular Income with an inbuilt Critical Illness benefit.

3.Flexibility to choose Income Period from 20 to 45 years.

4.Get return of premium at the end of Income Period.

5.Choice to receive Income – Monthly/Annually.

6.Option of Joint Life under Single Premium payment option.

7.Choice of Premium Payment Term.

8.Enhance your protection with optional Riders.

9.Tax benefits as per applicable Tax Laws.


Time moves forward, and so do our financial needs. Our needs and those of our families change steadily as we progress through different life phases. Along with this, we also bear the weight of any upcoming uncertainty. We make every effort to provide for the requirements of our family and to protect their financial security from the uncertainties of life. The easiest approach to prevent a financial problem for our family in the event of an unexpected incident is with life insurance, which may also help your money grow so you can realise your dreams.

The plan helps you prepare for your future needs and protects your loved ones by providing financial security for your family and Guaranteed Regular Income that covers tomorrow’s necessities.


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