TATA AIG Pre Authorization Claim Settlement Form

This is Venkat.

I have been doing health insurance, Term Insurance and other financial consulting for the past 2 years. I have also reviewed TATA AIG Products on my YouTube Channel.

Please do not call me for any doubts related to claim settlement. I made this page as I have some humanity and people are searching for Pre-auth form from hospital.

Download TATA AIG Pre-Auth form from Google Drive

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TATA AIG has to improve their customer service because I used to receive many calls to me when people are not able to reach their customer support. I am writing this late in the night when a TATA AIG policy holder messaged me asking for Pre Authorization form as his wife has been admitted in the hospital.

To my shock, TATA AIG website either does not have this Pre-Auth form in their download page (At this time when I write this blog – Feb 2023), or, none of us could find it.

I feel really irritated because am I an employee of this company or an agent? Why should I care when someone asks me all these basic requirements which is responsibility of TATA AIG.

The hospital admin staff were not accepting the pre-auth form from a TPA we could provide. So, I deleted the TPA information and asked him to use the form. So, I am providing this on Google drive link now.

Kindly do not call me for any support regard this because I am not authorised to answer. If you wish to do financial consulting from me, ask me how much is the consulting fee and then, proceed. Kindly respect other’s time. I cannot spend my lifetime doing such service.



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