Life Insurance as an employee benefit for corporates and startups

A Life Insurance Product with 5 benefits

1.Life Cover – TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme

2.Accidental Benefit.

3.Permanent disability benefit.

4.Hospicare Benefit.

5.Critical Care Benefit

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How it works?

Initially, I talk to the Founder CEO/HR Head/Management of the company to discuss about the product and approximate budget. Some organizations may not have policy of offering term insurance to employees.

In this case, I will be happy to run a free online session to your employees about importance of term insurance and can answer their questions.

Call or WhatsApp me: (91) 9384716268

I run an online HR Magazine and this product is for HR leaders, Founders and CEO’s who contact me asking for possibility of offering group term insurance to all their employees below 45 years of age.

(Above 45 years should choose individual term insurance which is certainly expensive. So, employer may not be able to afford it)

In India,many young professionals think about term insurance only when they are in 30s or 40s.

When an organization offers initiative to provide affordable life cover to their employees, there are chances you can offer a small life cover and it could be an add-on to their existing cover.

Why I started this initiative?

I have been doing financial consulting to hundreds of professionals across India. There are people who call me requesting for the best pure term insurance product only when something unforeseen happens to their close relatives or friends.

Call or WhatsApp me: (91) 9384716268

So, I have taken it as my mission to spread awareness about term insurance.

Usually, employees are offered a group health insurance policy as a part of employee benefit process. It certainly is helpful but I focus more on the life insurance product which I believe is essential for every young employee.

How can corporates and startups offer term insurance at an affordable price?

I am associated with TATA AIA and work closely with you to offer a decent coverage for all the employees in their organization. There are products which are affordable and will be suitable for employees who are upto 45 years of age.

How much life cover is available?

1.You can choose between 7 Lakhs Life Cover to 20 Lakhs for 40 year Life Cover.

2.Premium Paying Term – 12 Years.

3.Why only 7 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs Life Cover?

I suggest product which remains affordable for an organization (Corporate or Startup) to reimburse to their employees as long as they work in their organization.

Meanwhile, the employee also can process 1 crore or more life cover through us individually and get limited reimbursement from the employer as long as they work in the same organization.

What happens when the employee quits the organization?

Once the employee quits an organization, the policy continues to be active as long as the individual pays during the complete premium term of 12 years.



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